5 Amazing Things About Coaching

April 20, 2021

Laura Duff


Are you considering becoming a coach and need that extra little push? Have you been coaching for a while and have forgotten the real reasons why you started in the first place?  

Well, Brian Tracy himself has said, “There are no limits to what you can accomplish, except the limits you place on your own thinking.”  

So, why limit yourself to those reasons? Expand them! Break them!  

Here are 5 amazing things about coaching that should clear up any of your doubts!

1. You are Changing People’s Lives. LOTS of People

Over time and as you build up your client base, it is hard not to see the impact you are making. Be it group coaching or one-on-one, your coaching is a big part of your clients’ lives. They have chosen to devote their time (and money) to you and what you do. You are helping people reach their goals, all the time.

2. The Sense of Purpose

People often complain that they don’t feel they have found their purpose, but being a coach will fill you with a sense of purpose. You are helping people, changing their lives. You are needed and wanted by your clients. This is something that nobody else can take away from you. It is why coaching is that job that will leave you feeling satisfied. Reasons bring purpose! You are making a change – one person at a time.  

3. You Get To Teach What You Love

Every day, you get to do what you love. Your skill or passion has just been made into a JOB. You will never tire of it. They are your bragging rights!  

4. You Can Work Anywhere

Coaching can be done online (umm have you heard of the Wedo app?). Coaching can also be done anywhere. Everyone needs piano teachers. Everyone needs personal trainers. I’m not so sure about people in Iceland needing a camel-riding coach but… you get the point.  

And, as it happens with most coaching jobs, they tend to be wanted world-wide. How about that? Do what you love, where you love to live and live to love your job!

5. Earn While You Learn

Take your passion, even if you are at a teaching level of it - and start teaching. But that doesn’t mean you are no longer the student. After all, learning is a never-ending journey. Clients will ask you questions that you hadn’t thought of and give you new ways to explore your passion. Maybe you should be paying them! You can keep learning about what you love, whilst getting paid by people who have much less knowledge on the subject. On top of that, even we, as clients, will teach you things too. Can’t get a better deal than that!

The team call me the 'mighty Duff'. I'm 19 years old and study Cognitive Science at the University of Edinburgh. Throughout our time together, I'll be writing about topics related to mental health, food and fitness! I'm also a host for the Wedotalk, check them out on YouTube, Spotify or Soundcloud! Down below you'll find my personal links, I make vlogs as a hobby!

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