How to make Oat Milk

December 10, 2020

Sophia Gregg

Vegan Recipes

I had a problem with wasting milk. I would always buy cartons of milk because one recipe required it, or I was just in the mood to have porridge that morning. I’d not even use a quarter of the carton and then forget I had milk for weeks until it spoiled.

About a year ago, I discovered how incredibly easy and quick it is to make your own milk! I wouldn’t personally drink a glass of this milk on its own, although a lot of people do. But it’s great to make pancakes, cookies, porridge, or any recipe that requires milk!

Find out how it’s done either by reading below or watching the video on our YouTube!

Ingredients (makes around 1 litre milk):

  • 1 cup of oats
  • 4 cups / 1 litre of cold water (store in fridge or freezer)


  • Blender
  • Sieve OR French press OR Nut Milk Bag
  • Large Bowl
  • Jug or large container to store the milk


  1. Cool the water either in the fridge or freezer before beginning.  
  1. Pour the water and oats into the blender and blend for around 30 seconds.
  1. Grab a bowl and sieve and pour the oat and water mixture through the sieve. Squeeze liquid by pressing a spoon against the sieve. (You can separate the pulp from the liquid with a French press or a Nut Milk Bag instead.)*
  1. Transfer milk into a clean jug or container.
  1. Store in fridge with a lid and consume within around 3 days.  

*Keep the leftover pulp to makes cookies! For recipe click here:  

Enjoy your very own batch of milk!

Hey! I'm not a chef or a professional nutritionist or any of that. I only started getting interested in food during lockdown! Before that, I DREADED preparing or cooking food, I was the BIGGEST procrastinator. I would rather not eat than prepare myself food. The bad thing about that was that I'm also highly against ordering food in or eating at junk food places, so when I say I would rather not eat, it meant I literally wouldn't eat. Miraculously, I've found a way to take time in my day to prepare delicious meals and I am and always have been, even if I was lazy about it, a firm believer that what you intake has a MASSIVE impact on your mood, motivation and energy. So, if you were like me, I guarantee you, all these recipes are definitely doable and relatively easy.

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