Living in the moment

August 21, 2020

Laura Duff

Social Media

Live in the moment? Let go of your past! But remember to learn from your past!  

Live in the moment! Forget about tomorrow! But don’t forget to work towards your future!

There are so many mantras and different pieces of advice, it’s so hard to know what to live by. But the whole point in living in the moment is not to overthink these sayings - quite the opposite. It’s to let go of judgement.

With social media, and technology - specifically mobile phones - society has found it tough to live in the moment. We have access to all of these different quotes and sayings, but, most likely, the people who post them will be the people who spend the whole coffee date you have arranged with them, checking their notifications every 15 seconds. So, what has happened? Why has social media and technology done this?  

It’s a confusing question because mobile phones were created with the intent of aiding us to live in the moment. You no longer have to worry about booking a taxi before you go out, or if the taxi man has forgotten about you (was this an issue before mobile phones?) it’s only one phone call away! You no longer have to consult a book (or some old-fashioned thing like this) to find out a fact mid-conversation, the internet makes it one click away. So why are we not living MORE in the moment now?

One way that having mobile phones and social media has stopped us from living in the moment is this: say you are bored, waiting in a long queue to buy - I don’t know, whatever you like… clothes (great, interesting and creative choice Laura) - and the love of your life is behind you in the queue also bored to death. Your phone has cured the boredom for you! You can just text a friend, scroll a little! And there you have it. You have missed the opportunity to meet the love of your life.

If you are a notification-addict or embarrassed-of-length-of-screen time person, like me, consider a detox and practise living in the real world!

Now go live in the moment and stop reading blog posts! Unless they're written by me... ;) 

Laura Duff

The team call me the 'mighty Duff'. I'm 19 years old and study Cognitive Science at the University of Edinburgh. Throughout our time together, I'll be writing about topics related to mental health, food and fitness! I'm also a host for the Wedotalk, check them out on YouTube, Spotify or Soundcloud! Down below you'll find my personal links, I make vlogs as a hobby!

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