Tricking yourself into exercising

September 25, 2020

Laura Duff


Have you convinced yourself that you hate exercise?! If so, you have come to the rightplace. You are aware that you need to start doing something good for your body. Either you think you are a bit plump, or your body just feels all-in-all a bit sluggish - or A LOT sluggish. Don’t worry - we are on the same page. I don’t understand humans who are “addicted” to exercise. Like - what does that even mean. How can you be addicted to exercise? Apparently, there’s some sort of reward at the end of a 10km run, like your brain gives you some sort of - who knows? Dopamine? More like DOPE-amine. You are all dopes if you think we are going to start doing 10km runs!

I’m only joking (a little bit). I am actually going to give you guys some tips and tricks into how to convince your body to start being healthy. To convince your body to get off the couch and start living. To start improving your physical and mental health and to be comfortable in your own skin.

Advice piece number one: tell yourself you are going for a walk, but actually jog it. Or at least - jog some of it. If you convince your brain you are just going for a leisurely stroll - you won’t have to build up that motivation (that always ends up turning into dread). Once you’re out there - even if you feel like the jog was a bit of a flop - at least you weren’t sitting on your couch at home.

Advice piece number two: reward yourself after you exercise, and know you’re going to do it. “If I do this 10 minute workout, I can have a beer.” Or whatever it is you like, maybe watch your favourite show. If you start putting positive incentives at the end of your exercise, you are much more likely to do it. Over time, your exercise will become a habit. You will become excited for it, because you know about the reward afterwards.

Advice piece number three, and the last piece I am going to give you: do your exercise with a friend (if you have any). If you turn your exercising into a social event, it’s converted from a negative to a positive experience! You can actually be excited for it! Maybe it’s somebody you want to see, or somebody you want some gossip from. Whatever the reason - and I’m not judging-, make your runs social!

Try these out! At least one of them has to work!

Laura Duff

The team call me the 'mighty Duff'. I'm 19 years old and study Cognitive Science at the University of Edinburgh. Throughout our time together, I'll be writing about topics related to mental health, food and fitness! I'm also a host for the Wedotalk, check them out on YouTube, Spotify or Soundcloud! Down below you'll find my personal links, I make vlogs as a hobby!

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