Discover what’s going on and put yourself out there while you’re at it. 

You can also upload pre-recorded training and coaching seminars & courses. For bricks & mortar shops, send a QR code to pre-sale goods for pickup or delivery, run live commerce streaming in real time online or pre-recorded product demos and more!

Business benefits

  • Quick set-up
    List your business and create a full merchant account on the same day.
  • Take pre-orders
    Grow footfall & reduce queuing at the same time.
  • In-App payment
    No need to handle cash or even own a card machine. Sign up, seamlessly import your clients and start holding courses, conferences & consultations live and online, pre-recorded or in-house. Easy!
  • Increases retention & revenue
    Wedo is designed to keep your clients & customers coming back again and again.

Let your clients
pre-order and pay in

The most streamlined checkout process possible. Wedo enables customers to pre-order and pay in seconds. We are eliminating all barriers to entry making it easier for you to 'do you'.

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Customer benefits

  • Seamless
    Manage tasks, bookings, courses & consultations, social and shopping all in one seamless place. Organize the family calendar, the kid's tutors, home and work events and more.
  • Save time
    Pre-order and pay before you arrive. No need to queue or handle cash.
  • Split payments
    Need to split dinner bills? Holidays? Gifts? Wedo keeps track of it all. Paying and getting paid back has never been easier.
  • Discover
    Easily discover new businesses in the area.

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List your business and unlock your account on launch day! Start your online live streaming business for free! Awesome right?

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