Meet the Founding Team

Indiana Gregg
CEO Founder

I’m Indy. I’ve worked in the  tech, fintech & creative industries for over 25 years and helped a lot of startups along the way. I was the founder of the world's first streaming and download music marketplace which connected artists and bands to labels, managers, vendors, venues, equipment and catering. Kerchoonz grew to thousands of labels and 14M users within the space of a couple years and was its own ecosystem as the first social networking marketplace for the music industry that paid artists for streams & downloads of their work. That was kind of cool, plus I was on the cover of Music Week once and fought some pirates. For the past ten years, I've been a tech contractor building apps, websites and designing everything from logos, packaging, UI/UX's and animated videos for around 400 companies of all shapes and sizes world-wide. I really like ‘doing', I like solving problems, and I've been told that I'm ridiculously focused, but certainly not OCD.

In August 2019, I set out to create a 360 degree multi-tenant application and after many months of designing and deliberating, an amazing team fell into place. On ideas: every once in a long while something revolutionary and maybe even disruptive comes along that I believe can truly help people. I’ve waited 15 years for that magical idea to come around again, and Wedo is just that. I love tomatoes, Labradors & stray cats. I’m a design software junkie, love creating products. I tend to fill in the blanks; otherwise, I’m pretty good at creating colour.   

Daniel Coyle

Hi, I’m Dan. I’m from Glasgow, Scotland. I’m a builder, a doer and I love a challenge. I started my career about 14 years ago with a stint in banking, exciting and challenging but for me I needed to be more hands on. So, I spent the next years incubating and investing in start-ups for family offices. I’ve been lucky that these have aligned with my passions for tech and renewable energy and have taken me to work on projects in a bunch of exciting places around the world, India, U.S, Western and Eastern Europe.  

I like to get my hands dirty and I’ve spent the last couple of years doing an eco-friendly, energy efficient renovation to an ancient farm-house to call home. When my hands aren’t dirty, you’ll find me in the gym, on a country hike or talking to anybody who’ll listen to me prattle on about cars.

Kirsten Granzow

I'm Kirsten. I'm a German and American national. After a degree in marketing and an MBA in International Business, I started my career as a consultant and marketing assistant, moving on to become the family manager of 3 kids. I have been chairman of the board of directors for a French nonprofit for the past 10 years and have worked in administration over the past few years. I like to think of myself as being fairly structured, and people who know me consider me an organized person (except for remembering birthdays…. including my own). I believe there is a solution to every problem; if you can't go through the wall there is always a way around it! In non-Corona times I spend most evenings either at the gym or in a dojo, practicing Aikido, diving and trampolining, but now I am 'trying' to learn to love gardening…

David Jaques
Director/ Board Advisor

Hi, I’m David. I’m from London, but after living in New York and Amsterdam, I settled in Silicon Valley, California where I’ve lived since 1994. From the relatively safe life of working for a global bank like Barclays, I became fascinated by startup companies, innovation and ways in which the world could be changed for the better. So I opened my mind, became a risk taker and a life-long learner.

As founding CFO of PayPal, Treasurer at Silicon Valley Bank and Director at Blue Run Ventures, I’ve been recognised by the global Fintech community as a pioneer in the payments industry. I have served on the boards of public and private companies as well as a couple of non-profit organisations. 

But what about me? Well, I like running, skiing and mountain climbing in my free time; plus, I love to travel and see the world. I have two adult children, a wonderful wife, some cats and a harrier puppy.

Kash Shah

Hi, I'm Kash. I’m a seasoned data-driven business leader and entrepreneur, who has a passion for creating beautiful & commercially focused products and businesses in both start-up and scale-up environments.

I have lead products in diverse domains ranging from healthcare to payments to investment banking to consumer finance to financial advice.

I'm currently building the world’s first fully-automated FCA authorised financial advice platform driven by AI/ML.

I have a passion for mentoring and developing people to achieve their full potential and have helped the team build mass consumer-focused and b2b, b2b2c products.

I am incredibly passionate about customer experience and consistently striving to build a product that delivers value..

Loren Richards

Hi, I’m Loren. I’m originally from the UK. After working first in London and Warsaw, I settled in Frankfurt in 2001. Since2010 I was a partner with leading global law firm, Clifford Chance. I then launched my own law firm in May 2019. Leaving behind the comfort and familiarity of such a firm after 20 years was daunting; but the drive to innovate prevailed. And the market was receptive: Within the first full year, I’ve led on deals worth (in total) more than US $1bn.  I believe every day is a school day. There is next to nothing that can’t be improved and timing is everything; it was last year also that I met Indy and David.

My passions include shared meal times in great company, languages, traveling anywhere with my wife and two daughters and having my own views challenged (mostly voluntarily) by my daughters’ refreshingly eye-opening take on life.

Martin Cornett

Since 2008 I have been concentrating on Business Development and fundraising for exciting projects in the UK and China / HK in the property, infrastructure & oil & gas sectors. Having worked for SG Warburg, CLSA and more recently as Managing Director (BOCI UK ) & Global Head of Institutional Sales at Bank of China International, I had been focussing on Asian markets since the 1980’s and  developed a broad capital market experience and investor database.  Having recently lived in Hong Kong and China, I have benefitted from living in the world’s fastest growing tech space, experiencing China’s Technology boom first-hand.

In addition to my busy professional career, I have always had an active interest in sport, formerly playing cricket & hockey to a high standard around the world. I have always believed that not only the social and competitive aspects of playing team sports are hugely beneficial, but also that exercise is a very effective way of reducing stress and remaining healthy in a busy working calendar.

Sophia Gregg
Social Media Director

Hey, I’m Sophia. I’m 21, born in a small town in France in a German-American household. I’ve moved 7 times between Glasgow, Barcelona, Valencia, Ibiza, and Lisbon, I speak 5 languages and I’m currently based in Berlin. I studied Communication Design and I was also a designer for my university, I freelanced for several years and I co-founded Tippit Festival, a 2-day creative conference. 

But what am I actually like? I rearrange my kitchen probably once a week, I manually name and categorise every single one of my photos. You shouldn’t ask me to give you my real honest opinion. If you text me for anything that isn’t work related, expect a reply within 3 weeks and you can trust me with directions 99% of the time.

Laura Duff
Content Producer

The team call me the 'mighty Duff'. Im 19 years old and study Cognitive Science at the University of Edinburgh. I'm a host for Wedotalk and I'm also writing blogs that you can find here on the website! Throughout our time together, I'll be discussing some of the most petrifying, interesting, and wonderful things life has to offer with some of the most interesting influencers and social media gurus I can find. 

About me? In my free time, I like to make funny videos (the funniness is subjective) and put them on Youtube and instagram. Go subscribe! I also like to annoy my cat, gossip with friends, and make light of any situation in life-usually through dreadful humour. I like to think of myself as a positive, diplomatic person. I'll always be there to give you advice, and I will probably get along with you no matter who you are.

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